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Millennials: the plant-loving generation

5 tips for creating a domestic jungle that doesn’t need much light

Published: 14 Jul 2022
In both real life and social media, you can’t help noticing that Generation Y are plant lovers. People who are around thirty years old simply love surrounding themselves with vases, stalks and leaves. There are endless memes that exaggerate this passion and hundreds of apps that help you take care of Pothos, Ficus, Sansevieria and other houseplants that have almost taken on pet status. A few years ago, an article in the New York Times suggested that Millennials buy plants for their homes “to fill a decorative or emotional void.” There is no doubt that the emotional part of this hole has increased in the least two years, at least for some, due to the enforced isolation of the pandemic. In fact, an article published in Corriere della Sera’s Living magazine recently claimed that 62% of the people it had interviewed said that plants had played an important role in helping them get through lockdown. The rediscovery of this soothing activity that was previously limited to experts or pensioners with a love for gardening, shows how young people living in towns or cities want to create a relationship with nature in their daily lives. The trend is also part of a contemporary green-friendly attitude that is typical of Millennials. Tips for buying and looking after these “green friends” are everywhere on Instagram, Facebook and TikTok. Hashtags, like #PlantsOfTikTok, have exceeded billions of views and thousands of people share pics of their domestic jungles with a fascinated audience that even includes members of Generation Z.

This is particularly true in places where due to smartworking, young people are now spending a lot of time at home. Due to the price of real estate, young people tend to live in homes that are often dark. That’s why we have compiled a list of five plants that can live, prosper and gift happiness even in places where there’s not a lot of natural sunlight.
  1. Philodendron
    Photo by feey on Unsplash
    Widespread and sometimes confused with Monstera Deliciosa, this is a plant native to South America and many of is subspecies are creepers. Attractive, but if exposed to direct sunlight, its leaves may begin to turn an unhealthy-looking brown colour.
  2. Aspidistra

    Some species have leaves with white streaks, others are a glossy, compact green. Native to Asia, with both Chinese and Japanese variants, this plant can live for hundreds of years. Obviously with not very much light.
  3. Araucaria

    This plant has ancient origins dating back as far as the Mesozoic period. The Araucaria or Monkey Puzzle is an evergreen that looks like a small pine tree and is perfect for flats where there is little sunlight.
  4. Kentia
    Photo by Alex Perri on Unsplash
    Kentia is ideal for brightening up a corner of a room with an exotic touch, thanks to its thin, light, bright green leaves that make it look like a small palm tree. The belmoreana species has small reddish streaks that immediately evoke the mood of a tropical island.
  5. Aglaonema
    Photo by feey on Unsplash
    Native to Indonesia, this plant is extremely easy to keep indoors and a great way to start your own domestic jungle. Because of its preference for dim environments, it is often called “the darkness plant".