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Das Meisterstück, specialist opticians

For their new opticians in Klagenfurt, owners Petra and Dirk Roissl looked for a team of architects who could think outside the box, just like their customers.  

The OPILLIO firm was commissioned with the job and, from a retail unit in the centre of the Austrian city, they had to create somewhere with a well-defined personality that sat outside of the box.
The first six months were dedicated to drawing up the project to meet the client's brief: Mr and Mrs Roissl are inquisitive, enjoy experimenting and have a keen eye for innovation, so the architect's firm had no trouble selecting exclusive materials and adopting a sophisticated approach. After the projects were approved, OPILLIO carefully selected a team of companies and craftsmen. It took them 3 and a half months to complete the job from the start of work to the specialist opticians opened for business.

Lighting was of key importance. Based on past experience, certain iGuzzini products were identified immediately as fully satisfying the concept at the root of the project for this opticians. iGuzzini luminaires have been built into different configurations on the ceiling, to show off the most important aspect in its best light: "the products" and, if on the one hand they create a comfortable, sophisticated atmosphere in which to welcome customers, in some parts they offer the best lighting conditions for the technicians to work in. 

The Laser Blade L recess lights are spread around various parts of the suspended ceiling (Lava architectural suspended ceiling and closed drywall suspended ceiling). Those that extend along concave and convex lines have been highlighted with a lit edge, achieved with Underscore 15. The IN60s, suspended linear luminaires, on the other hand, are used in the area where the glasses are skilfully prepared and the frames fitted with lenses, and offer an even and well-distributed light. 

The skylight in the centre of the unit provides a pleasant natural light. The shape of the View round spotlights on tracks that have been fitted onto a specially designed black steel grille add a touch of softness. Numerous light scenarios were also created that have been admired by customers: the pleasant atmosphere led to a longer stay in the shop and in some cases increased the desire to purchase. 
The interior architecture and design of the "Das Meisterstück" specialist opticians in Klagenfurt have been designed to be re-produced exclusively in any large city.

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  • Year
  • Client
    Petra and Dirk Roissl
  • Architectural project:
    Opillio UG
  • Lighting project:
    Opillio UG
  • Photographer