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La Bella Vita Tower

La Bella Vita residential tower lays claim to a new look and innovative lifestyle in a context characterised by tall buildings and often excessively over-lit. 
The apartments are located on four solid volumes, seemingly unconnected to one another, but linked to a central glass structure with connecting lift lobbies and all the mechanical infrastructures. The glass nucleus is the constantly occupied area where people meet, move around and the energy beats like a "beehive". Reflecting this image, in a warm amber colour, the façade's hexagonal modules design the clear shape of the tower.

Conveying the organic nature of the beehive, the Trick luminaires (3000 K) bring to life the façade's modules, revealing the "cell". When night falls, the entire mass of glass brings the inside out and, thanks to the amber-coloured glass, creates a soft, warm light mass. A precise logic was applied to the positioning of the Trick luminaires in order to reproduce the effect of a genuine honeycomb and it also took into account access and maintenance, so also leaving some dark areas. 
The apartment volumes remain dark in contrast with the bright background and can only just be perceived thanks to a slight hint of light on the balcony edges.

The juxtaposition between the incandescent core porous to the urban landscape and the private areas that remain in the dark and protected create a new visual benchmark and translate the architectural intention of controlling contrast, into light form.
The exact creation of each detail is the result of a process, designed and developed by the lighting designers at Metis Lighting, which started at the concept stage and which, through a variety of tests, has reached the final construction. In particular, the end detail of the hexagonal lighting of the façade underwent numerous reviews following a mock-up, and material, light effect and wiring tests. Furthermore, the selection of the model of lit modules involved various proposals to best present the beehive aspect, as well as guarantee access to each individual luminaire.

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  • Year
  • Client
    CDC Development
  • Architectural project:
    Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel
  • Lighting project:
    Metis Lighting
  • Awards:
    Architecture Masterprize 2021
    2021 International Architecture Awards
    Short-listed for Darc Awards 2021
  • Photographer

Project Quote

"The creation of a landmark on a city's nightscape requires responsibility without quashing creativity. Lighting La Bella Vita involved expressing the living style that the tower itself possessed and conveying it to the city. Each light movement discreetly yet decisively conveyed the building's character and its intrinsic architectural features."

Marinella Patetta, Metis Lighting

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