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Le Fucine Caffè & Bistrot

The historic service station in Buttrio has been refurbished and transformed into a Caffè & Bistrot.
The original structure was commissioned in the 1960s by Officine Danieli and designed by the architect Marcello D’Olivo, and this refurbishment coincides with the centenary of his birth. In fact, the service station is a summary of D’Olivo’s design language.

Sadly, the structure was in a state of considerable neglect when the renovation, entrusted to the Marco Zito studio, began. Nevertheless, immense care was taken to respect the original architecture, especially the distinctive, arched, ten-column canopy that forms an acrobatic leap of about eleven metres on the side of the Via Nazionale. 
The studio’s determination to avoid invasive superstructures like metal tie-rods and braces led to the columns being reinforced via cylindrical steel formwork that allowed the structural concrete jacket required to provide anti-seismic security to be “injected” from below.

In this way, having “freed” the reinforced concrete columns and canopy, the full-height windows overlooking the Via Nazionale highlight the essential character of the structure and Marcello D’Olivo’s original design. 

The lighting system also sought to ensure that the various volumes can be seen and enjoyed in all the various lighting conditions dictated by the changes in the seasons. This was why a light and multifunctional Superrail track system was chosen to mount the Robin spotlights, which are used as both accent and general lighting modules. This minimal system succeeds in forming a complete lighting project that blends harmoniously into the minimalist architecture designed by d’Olivo. 

By night, light fills the windows, creating a lantern effect as well as offering a perfect view of the interiors. Light Up Orbit luminaires have also been recessed into the floor in front of the building to create small light points that give the canopy a sensation of airy lightness.

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  • Year
  • Client
    Le Fucine Bistrot
  • Architectural project:
    Marco Zito
    Fracassi architetti
  • Lighting project:
    Marco Zito
  • Photographer
    Marco Cappelletti