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Ponte vecchio or Ponte degli alpini

The bridge is the real "heart" of Bassano. It has been since Andrea Palladio designed and built it in 1569 after the "brentane" (the Brenta floods that have been so momentous that they even have their own name) and wars had destroyed numerous of its predecessors. A bridge that had been so well designed that it withstood four floods, until 1748 when a bretana, much stronger than the others, washed it away, «like a straw basket» as described in the reports at the time by Gasparo Gozzi. The bridge had to be re-built: but this time it would be done as Palladio had built it and as we know it today. 

In recent times, the last work done on the bridge (which in the meantime had been destroyed and rebuilt several times, again because of flooding and military squalls) dates to 2021, the year in which the bridge underwent lengthy restoration work when the wooden foundations were replaced by steel pillars and beams, masqueraded with wood. 
Palladio's great idea was to transform the bridge, an infrastructure, that is something right in the middle, into a centre piece. Not just a place of transit but somewhere to spend time, and this is why its lighting is so important. So, with the conclusion of the consolidation work in 2021, attention turned to the lighting. 

iPro Tunable white spotlights light up the beautiful structure supporting the bridge and splitting the river's currents. The spotlight’s optical mediums have been arranged in such a way that it is possible to make out the details of the position of the wood used, without creating shadowed areas. The tunable white technology and a Connex control system have allowed tests to be carried out and to check and align the temperature colours, all over the bridge. 
For the central part in wood with a reddish shade, the colour temperature was set at 2700 K, while for the brick wall, on which it rests, the colour temperature was set at 2800 K. This choice was made following several joint inspections and controls by the Heritage Office and City Council. 

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  • Year
  • Client
    ANA National Alpine Association Montegrappa branch
  • Architectural project:
    Bassano del Grappa City Council
  • Lighting project:
    Bassano del Grappa City Council
  • Photographer
    Alessandra Chemollo

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