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The Compartir restaurant

The Compartir restaurant has been operating in the Eixample district since 2022. Located in a historic early 20th-century building with cast-iron interior pillars, this project, created by the interior design studio El Equipo Creativo, is a tribute to the village of Cadaques. The easternmost village on the Costa Brava, and one of the most picturesque in Spain, Cadaques is where Salvador Dali lived for most of his life with his wife Gala. It is also the place where the owners of Compartir opened their first restaurant, which they wanted to remember here. 

El Equipo Creativo’s aim was, therefore, to create an environment with a distinctive Mediterranean style and clear links to local crafts and artists. Typical bright blue windows, slate paving, wicker craftsmanship and yachts in the bay can all be found inside the restaurant in both the fabric drapes hung on the walls and in the abstract paintings. In the bar and kitchen area, terracotta tones contrast strongly with the typical Catalan tradition of Trencat-style slate slabs that close off the counter. (Trencat in Catalan means fragmented.) This design recalls both the pavements in Cadaques and the works of Catalan modernists, especially Gaudi, who first used this technique in the Güell Pavilions.  
The curved shapes of the mirrors and wicker partitions recall the landscape of the Cadaques marina with its wind-filled sails while simultaneously creating an atmosphere of privacy around the tables, which is what the restaurant’s customers are looking for. All the materials and products used are 100% local, as are the artists and craftspeople who have contributed handmade site-specific artefacts to the project. The warm, cosy lighting also meets customers' requests with soft, homogeneous illumination and accent touches.  

Palco projectors, mounted on a mains voltage track, have been used both with flood optics to ensure general lighting, and spot optics, while Laser pendant luminaires light the tables, and are in some cases "camouflaged" inside floral bouquets hung from the ceiling. Underscore has also been widely employed to emphasize the curved profiles of the doors which, in some cases, emphasize the textured treatment of the walls. Thanks to a KNX control system, 3 different scenarios have been created too: one for lunch, one for dinner, and one for special parties.    

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  • Year
  • Client
  • Architectural project:
    El Equipo Creativo
  • Lighting project:
    MMAS Lighting
  • Photographer
    Adrià Gouda