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Villa Loiseau des Sens

The 1500 square-metre structure hosts one of the most beautiful spas in Europe as well as the group’s latest restaurant which is not only open to Relais guests, but to other customers as well. The Villa spans four storeys, harmoniously combining materials such as glass and wood. The Loiseau Des Sens Restaurant is located on the first floor, whereas the spa is spread over several storeys featuring different environments and lighting scenarios. This includes the treatment rooms where the lighting is completely artificial, having been carefully designed to create pleasant atmospheres and to enhance the guests’ sense of relaxation.

These effects have been achieved by combining RGB luminaires, like the Underscore, integrated in the false ceilings and recessed Laser luminaires with Warm Dimming technology. This latter is used to regulate light intensity and colour temperature during treatments, in order to induce a greater sense of relaxation or to stimulate attention and energy, depending on the requirements of each treatment. All luminaires are DALI controlled to facilitate their management.

Along the corridors and transit areas, Laser Blade High Contrast luminaires with wide-flood optics and a colour temperature of 2700 K create diffuse, but not overly intense lighting, with a very warm colour temperature. This helps maintain a constant sense of relaxation across the various environments. The new structure features traditional local materials, such as terracotta floors, rough wood, Burgundian stone and leather, combining refined simplicity with a minimalist approach. In line with this, non-invasive recessed luminaires prevail; in some cases, they are also used to create graphic geometrical patterns – e.g. the iN 30 luminaires used to illuminate some of the corridors.

In the swimming pool area, the large indoor pool’s blue mosaic wall is evenly illuminated using Linealuce Mini luminaires equipped with Wall Washer optics and neutral colour temperature, while Underscore lines of light draw attention to the lounge area.

The opening in the partition wall between the two pools is highlighted using Trick luminaires fitted with 360° light blade optics.

From the outside, the compact style of the wooden structure creates a clear distinction between the stress generated by the outside world and the sense of calm found inside the Relais. This effect is emphasised by Led Tube luminaires installed all along the large loft. The roofs covering the stairs and the small gazebos provide shade to the outdoor relaxation areas. They all feature coffered ceilings illuminated from the centre with 360° radial optic Trick luminaires. The garden footpaths illuminated using iWay bollards allow guests to enjoy the outdoor areas in perfect safety, even at night.

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  • Year
  • Client
    Bernard Loiseau SA
  • Architectural project:
    Atelier Correia Architectes & Associés
  • Landscape architecture:
    Mayot & Toussaint
  • Photographer
    Didier Boy de la Tour

Project Quote

"Villa Loiseau des Sens has been created as an extension to the Relais Bernard Loiseau complex in Saulieu, part of the Bernard Loiseau group, established by the famous French chef and holder of three Michelin stars for many years. "

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